Learning Disability

Your annual health check

Everyone aged 14 years and over, with a learning disability, will be invited for an annual health check.

The aim of the checks is to keep you staying healthy, pick up any early problems, and an opportunity to speak to a nurse and doctor.

The check will include an appointment with one of our nursing team, to do a blood test, urine test, observations, weight and height.

You will then have a check with a doctor to review these results, and have a physical examination.


Information about cancer screening tests

The leaflets below have been developed by, and for, people with learning disabilities.

They explain all about

  • Having a cervical smear

  • Having breast screening

  • Having a bowel test called an endoscopy


Take a look!


Flu vaccine

Flu is a virus that can make you feel very ill. Anyone can catch it.

People with Learning Disabilities can get a FREE flu vaccination (flu jab) every year, the practice - we usually start doing them in September!

The vaccine is given by a small injection into your arm. If you are afraid of needles, it can be gicven as a spray up your nose.