Health Advice


Dental problems

If you have dental problems, please speak to a dentist. If you don't have a dentist, ring 111.

You can find information about NHS Dentists here.

GPs and GP nurses are not trained in the assessment, diagnosis, or treatment of dental problems.

Eye problems

You should attend Eye Casualty at Queen's Medical Centre if you develop any of the concerning symptoms:
▶ Sudden loss vision
▶ Eye pain
▶ Red eye
▶ Injury to the eye
▶ Foreign body in the eye
Please ring them directly at: 0115 924 9924 Ext: 62882
They are based on A floor at the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Centre (EENT) at QMC from 7.00am - 10.00pm.
If you have a routine eye problem, please visit your opticians.

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Nottingham Urgent Treatment Centre

If you need help with a health problem that is urgent, but not life-threatening.


This is a walk-in service, open between 7am and 9pm, 365 days a year, with no appointment needed. You can call 0115 883 8500 for directions or current waiting times. The centre focuses on helping patients face-to-face and healthcare advice cannot be given out over the telephone.


The centre offers assessment and treatment for health conditions such as:


  • Minor burns or scalds
  • Minor head injury with no loss of consciousness
  • Skin infections or animal bites
  • Suspected broken bones, sprains and strains (X-ray service available)
  • Eye infections or minor eye injuries


The centre is not appropriate for non-urgent treatment that could be treated by your GP, and routine services such as blood tests or wound dressing/suture removal


Nottingham NHS Urgent Treatment Centre is at Seaton House, City Link, Nottingham NG2 4LA