Travel Health

Fit to Fly Letters

We are receiving a number of inappropriate requests for private letters and forms, asking GPs to certify someone is fit to fly. This includes women who are pregnant and travelling.

Unfortunately, we are unable to do this.

We will endeavour to do our best to issue a private letter with statement of facts, which most airlines would accept, however if this is insufficient, you will have to seek a private assessment elsewhere by a suitable healthcare professional.


Travel Assessment

We offer travel advice and immunisations.

If you are travelling abroad please complete and submit the travel form in plenty of time (we recommend at least 6-8 weeks) before your journey.

(We will not accept forms if you are due to travel less than 6 weeks - you will have to seek advice from a private travel clinic.)

A nurse will assess the form, and then you will receive a telephone travel consultation. We will also book in any vaccinations you require that are available on the NHS. If there are vaccinations you require that are not available on the NHS, you will be notified and advised to seek input from a private clinic or pharmacy.

Important Information

The practice will provide vaccinations for patients who are travelling abroad for leisure purposes only, if you require vaccinations for work related reasons you will need to contact your own occupational health. 


If you are advised that you need the following vaccinations, these are available free of charge from the Practice:


The nurse may advise other vaccinations for your travel such as Hep B, Rabies and Cholera, which are not available on the NHS; the nurse will signpost you to a private health clinic.

Further Travel Information

The following websites will give you additional travel advice

Travel Health Pro for finding out which vaccinations are necessary or recommended for the areas you'll be visiting

MASTA for private vaccination clinics for specific country travel advice

EHIC/GHIC to apply for healthcare cover abroad