Virtual Consultations


We currently use a system by AccuRx to assist us with remote and virtual consultations.


This includes:

  • Sending you documents such as sick notes and blood test forms
  • Sending you test results
  • Sending your doctor or nurse pictures to assist with telephone consultations eg rashes, lumps etc
  • Video consultation


The system:

  • Does not need an app or special programme
  • You only need a smartphone with an internet connection (WiFi/Mobile data)
  • It is free for you to use (other than the cost of data)


You can find more information, FAQs, and troubleshooting, at:



Saving pictures onto your record

If clinically relevant, we will save the picture(s) you send us onto your medical record. This can be helpful if we need to refer to it later on.

If the picture is of a sensitive nature, we would not usually save it, unless for specific clinical reason, and we will specifically ask for your consent to do so.

#TopTips for your virtual consultation

  1. Prepare before your appointment. If neccessary, make some notes beforehand – write down questions or things you want to ask
  2. Make time - remember a routine appointment is only 10mins so ensure the doctor has enough time for the problem you want to talk about; it is unrealistic to discuss several problems at the same time
  3. Make sure your phone has signal and is charged
  4. Speak clearly, adjust the volume, and if you can’t hear, please say so
  5. Have pen and paper in case you need to write notes or any details
  6. If sending a picture, make sure your picture is clear, the subject in focus, and visible. Avoid blurring or bits cropped out. If helpful, have a ruler or tape measure to compare the size eg if it is a lump or skin lesion. Take more than one picture if necessary (you can send up to 5 at a time)
  7. Make sure your video camera is at an appropriate height, and you are sitting or standing comfortably